Sickness in a Biskit

Originally O.F.T.M. rejected the idea of doing a page on this
topic but recently (in the last 6 months) O.F.T.M. has found a
picture so disgusting, so sick that it will make you blow
chunks even if you haven't eaten in days.  No sane person
would subject themselves to the act taken place in this
picture or even look at this picture for a prolonged period of
time without getting sick, unless they enjoy sick things like
eating $#!%. 

Now that you have seen the picture that depicts such a
gruesome act I am sure that those who know what she is
eating agree with us that no one would do that willingly. 

For those who do not know what she is eating, it is the most
vile, the most foul food product even made.  It can even be
called a crime against humanity.  How it passed the FDA is
beyond us.

It is

Click picture for a closer look of pure evil.

Yes Chicken in a Biskit Flavor Crisps. I know, your going to
say, "It can't be that bad?" But it is and far worse!  And yes it
does contain chicken, dehydrated cooked chicken it's the
second to the last ingredient.  The last ingredient is natural
flavor.  The natural flavor of what we don't know (and after
tasting it we don't want to know).  Did we mention it doesn't
taste like chicken.  Unless you consider chicken beaks and claws chicken.  Don't believe us or just curious about
something that can be that bad?  Save your money you'll
probably throw it away after the first bite. Another reason
not to get it is if people keep buying it they will keep making
it.  Sorry Nabisco, but we do like Triscuits though.

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