Here it is the Super Cheesy Nacho Bowl.

O.F.T.M. has done it again, taking it too far and then taking it one step further. We started out with a large size block of Velveta (as you see in these pictures) than under the cheese
is a family size can of chili (one of those giant cans) and mixed in with the chili was a whole bag of corn tortilla chips.
So, after dumping the chips, melting the cheese and cooking the chili we put everything is this huge bowl.
As you can see we started to eat our massive creation and distributed it to the members of O.F.T.M. and others nearby.
Unfortunately we could not finish the Super Cheesy Nacho Bowl and had to throw it away.  See us discard the Super Cheesy Nacho Bowl in our next page.  Super Cheesy Nacho Bowl: The Aftermath.
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